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Does my business need a website?

With all the talk about the growth of the internet and connection speeds increasing, its easy for people to say that "every business needs a website ", but why do you actually need one?

Virtually every business and individual has access to the internet now - when choosing a service, they will more often than not, look at a company's website to make an initial judgement on whether they are suitable for their needs. In effect, the website is selling the business without ever speaking to people directly.

A website is an extremely valuable addition to a business that (if implemented correctly) can help to increase sales and bolster existing marketing efforts.

A business without an online presence or with an unprofessional and ineffective one (it can be sometimes worse to have a bad website than none at all) is losing out on sales opportunities.

A good website helps to reach new and retain old customers

If you're still a little unsure, ask yourself the following questions - if you answer yes to any then a website could be of benefit to your business

Do you use email as a means of communication?

This is of course easy to achieve without a website through the use of free email systems such as hotmail. However having an email address linked to your business name creates a very professional image and also comes with many more features.

After all, which looks better - or - it is clear that the second email address suggests a more professional and more reliable setup.

Are you looking to market your business more efficiently?

A website is an incredibly cost effective means of promoting a business and its services, and works along side more traditional means of advertising. It provides a means of showing your company in the best possible light - a professional website creates a lasting impression on customers and encourages sales. It also means any new promotions can be quickly brought to the attention of the public without the need of any extra outlay.

Are your products suitable for selling online ?

A website provides the means to effectively keep a shop open 24/7 - meaning orders often come through during the evening, ready to be processed in the morning. There is a gradual trend away from phyisical stores to online counter-parts for example Amazon - having an ecommerce solution gives potential customers the flexibility to buy at a time that suits them.

Have your competitors got a website?

In today's internet age, a website isn't just a nice extra feature, it is a key component to a successful business and is often what a potential customer uses to judge it.

Its not hard to see that potential sales are going to be lost by not having a professional website. Imagine the situation where you and another company offer similar products or services - the only thing setting you apart is how you promote yourself, and if the competitor has a flashy website then it will have a detrimental effect on your own business.

A professional image goes a long way in convincing potential customers that your company is reliable and worthy of their custom.

Do your customers ask similar questions about your products?

A website provides the perfect means of displaying 'Frequently Asked Questions' - the sort of questions that customers continually ask when they are looking at your service or product.

Does your company regularly have offers and new products?

Over time, a website naturally provides a list of contacts as a company does business. A website provides an ideal means of capturing this information which can then be used to promote further services and products through a newsletter

Do I need a website? - Why get a website? - Is a website suitable for my business?

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