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Web Design - A Step by Step Guide

Getting a website up and running can seem a daunting prospect, especially if your experience with computers and the internet is limited.

Domains, Hosting, Blogs, Optimisation... - it can all get a little confusing which is why we have spent some time to provide this step by step guide to help make things clearer and decisions as simple as possible.

Step 1. Choose a Domain Name

A domain name is an unique name that identifies a website for example or You can choose any domain name you like as long as its not already taken. Domains are registered at companies called Domain Registrars such as:

  • The domain name should be as short and relevant as possible - you want customers to be able to remember it
  • Optimisation Tip: Put the keyword you wish to optimise for in the domain name eg.,

Step 2. Decide what the website should achieve

The aim of the website is ussually to promote your business.  Are you looking to drive sales enquires, or are you wanting to sell things directly via an online shop?

  • Keep things simple - particularly if you are a new business and the budget is tight. The website can always be built upon as time goes on.
  • Always consider your overall goals when making decisions regarding the design and functionality

Step 3. Decide on a look

Formal, friendly, casual, fun - who are your customers? what they are likely to expect from your business. For example, a play school would probably suit a casual and fun style website, while a business selling computer components would most likely want a more formal look.

  • Look at other websites for inspiration and to compare various styles and structures
  • Flashy websites always impress but remember your visitors will need to navigate around them - make important areas as simple to find as possible

Step 4. Decide on content

People visit websites to find information. A good looking website is great but if the information is poor, visitors will simply go elsewhere.

  • Consider carefully what information you wish to get across and how it should be broken down
  • Images can be very important, particularly if you are selling a product - always provide crisp, clean images for the greatest impact
  • Write your own content - many agencies will offer this (at an additional cost) but we encourage you to complete this task yourself. After all, who knows your business better than you!

Step 5. Decide on the extras

Logo Design, Optimisation, Support, Promotion, Flash Animations - all can be important to the success of the website but some are more urgent than others.

Consider carefully what is needed now and what can be added later - dont spend money unnecessarily.

Web Design Guide - Step by step websites - Website - step by step.

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