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Google Campaigns

Google Advertising (Google adwords) works by advertisers bidding on specific keyword phrases (for example computer repairs london); the specific placement of the ad is directly related to the bid amount and the quality score for the keywords (the relevancy of the keyword).

Why use Google AdWords?

Google AdWords has changed the way advertising works. No longer do you need to buy lists and search databases to uncover potential customers. Google AdWords offers the following benefits:

What do we offer ?

Web Horizons do extensive research into what keywords are going to bring most sucess to your advertising campaign. We aim to get the most out of your budget by identifying the phrases which will bring not only traffic to your website but actual sales as well.

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Web Horizons provide advert design, graphic design, leaflet design, brochure design, yellow pages advert design, in Chesterfield, Sheffield and the whole of the UK

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